Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Endless Thailand

After the client has registered with Endless Thailand, an agreement is established between Endless Thailand and the client, and the following conditions apply:

Endless Thailand, previously known as Single Adventuress, is a white glove service that takes care of the entire journey on behalf of our clients. We are not a travel agency, but an organization dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences throughout Thailand.

1. Purchases

1.1 After receipt of payment, there is no possibility of cancellation.

1.2 Endless Thailand reserves the right to reject applications.

1.3 Oral promises only apply if they have been confirmed in writing by Endless Thailand.

2. Obligations of Endless Thailand

2.1 Endless Thailand commits to providing the client with telephone numbers of the organization that can be called upon during the stay abroad and is also obliged to provide the client with information about the project and country.

3. Client Obligations

3.1 The client must be in good physical and mental health. In the event of failure to provide correct information or omission of necessary information regarding the state of health, the client is liable for any costs arising from not being able to participate.

4. Complaints

4.1 If the client has a complaint, it must immediately report to the partner organization on site. Where this is not possible or if a complaint is not handled satisfactorily on the spot, the client is obliged to inform Endless Thailand. Endless Thailand must then be allowed to investigate the complaint and, if justified, make improvements. Only if the complaint cannot be settled satisfactorily, the client can submit the complaint in writing and with good reasoning within one month of return. If the client does not meet the above requirements, a complaint will not be processed further.

5. Liability

5.1 All arrangements regarding transport, accommodation, mediation, and other services are offered by Endless Thailand as a white glove service under the condition that neither they nor any other affiliated company, agent, or employee may be held liable in the event of any injury, loss, damage, claim, expense, accident, deviation, delay, cancellation, or other force majeure caused by reasons beyond the control of Endless Thailand.


5.2 Endless Thailand cannot be held responsible in any way for any damage resulting from the preparation, the trip, or the stay abroad.


5.3 If the traveler cannot make the trip (entirely) due to the lack of any valid (travel) document or proof of vaccinations/vaccinations, this will be for his or her account with all associated consequences.


5.4 The liability for damage against which the client is insured, as well as liability for damage suffered by the client as a result of the exercise of a profession or business, are excluded.


  • 5.5 Endless Thailand is not responsible for any commitments made by its staff and/or third parties that deviate from the conditions stated in these terms and conditions or in the terms and conditions of the responsible service provider, unless such commitments are confirmed in writing.


  • 5.6 When organizing our travel offer, extensive attention is paid to the safety and responsible execution of our trips and activities. Despite the preventive and skillful actions of our supervisors, incidents cannot be completely ruled out. The risks must be borne by the traveler themselves. The customer must at all times be alert to their own safety and is responsible for their own behavior.


6. Force Majeure

In the event of force majeure, which includes internal riots, mobilization, war, transport disruption, strike, exclusion, business disruption, stagnation in supply, fire, flood, and any situation where Endless Thailand is unable to deliver a program due to circumstances beyond its control, the execution of the agreement may be suspended or terminated without any obligation to pay compensation. However, we work with airlines and accommodation providers who offer arrangements in the event of force majeure.


7. Cancellation and Right of Withdrawal

Right of withdrawal does not apply here. We book your travel components directly in your name. This concerns non-refundable accommodations and flights. It is possible to use your own travel/cancellation insurance to request a refund. Cancellation is not possible.

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