The VIP Experience:

  • Title: An Exclusive Nightlife Journey
  • Content: Experience luxury like never before as we curate a VIP journey for you across two of Pattaya’s elite clubs: Club Myst and Republic Club and Lounge. With a group size limited to 4 men, enjoy the luxury of the biggest VIP sections available and a bottle of premium liquor of your choice at each club.

NFT Tickets – Your Digital Passport:

  • Title: Trade, Sell, Experience
  • Content:
    • Exclusive Access: Your NFT is not just a ticket; it’s a digital passport to luxury.
    • Trade & Sell: The flexibility of NFTs allows you to trade or sell your access, offering potential appreciation in value.
    • Authenticity & Exclusivity: While NFTs can be traded, we ensure the authenticity of each ticket and maintain the right to verify its origin, preserving the exclusivity of our event.

Benefits of Our Experience:

  • Title: Elevate Your Nightlife
  • List:
    • Guaranteed VIP Access: No more waiting lists. Your NFT ensures a spot in the VIP section every time.
    • Curated Networking: We handpick attendees, ensuring you network with individuals that add value to your experience.
    • Safety First: Personal security and assistance at both clubs throughout the night, ensuring your safety and comfort.
    • Exclusivity: A premium event where every detail is tailored for an elite experience.

Pricing & What’s Included:

  • Title: Transparent Pricing, Premium Experience
  • Content: For 15,000 THB, indulge in:
    • Access to the VIP tables at both clubs.
    • A bottle of premium liquor of your choice at each club.
    • An unmatched clubbing experience with curated networking opportunities.
    • Personal security and assistance throughout the night.
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